Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm system is used to detect the presence of fire, smoke or carbon monoxide in the surrounding. Usually a fire alarm is installed in various building, offices and homes for the safety of the occupier, where the fire alarm will alert the occupier so that they can stop the fire at an early stage and safeguard them. Let"s have a crucial look at the basic essential of fire alarm, Fire Alarm Control Panel:-the part of the fire alarm which detects and receives information from the surrounding of any fire, smoke or carbon monoxide, and it passes the signal further.
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels

    • 80-character LCD with backlighting
    • One Signaling Line Circuit (expandable to two) meets NFPA Style 4, 6, or 7 requirements
    • 318 Addressable Devices, 159 Detectors and 159 Control, Relay, or Monitor Modules per SLC
    • Auto-program (learn mode) reduces installation time
    • Two Style Y/Z (Class B/A) Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs)
    • Selectable NAC Synchronization Protocol (System Sensor, Gentex, or Wheelock)
    • Optional DACT/Modem with Remote Upload/Download Capability
    • This item is UL listed and CSFM approved.
  • i 3 Series Fire & smoke Detectors

      Supplying Smoke Detectors such as..

    • Industrial smoke detectors.
    • Safety smoke detectors.
    • Fire safety smoke detectors.
    • Electrical smoke detectors.
    • Commercial smoke detectors
    • These lifesaver detectors easily detect any combustion activity in its initial stages, and alert the fire safety system for combat.

  • Horns, Strobes and Combination Notification Devices

    • Unit by itself is UL Listed for outdoor use
    • Low current consumption
    • Wide operating voltage range
    • AWG #12-18 lead wire connection
    • Clear lens only
    • Synchronization requires the SMD10-3A Sync Module
    • Capable synchronization with other Amseco strobes
    • Mounts to SBX-1 outdoor box or SBP-1 plastic mounting plate
    • Available in red and gray housing
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