Security Metal Detector

Our experienced team is here to help your organization to select the best security metal detectors for your needs. We understand the unique requirements of our security customers. Over the year we have helped Schools, Hospitals, Security Providers & Corporate world at all levels in procuring the correct security metal detection equipment.
  • Hand-Held Metal Detectors

    • Detects quantities of gold, silver,platinum, brass, copper, mild & stainless steel are detected effectively.
    • Ultrahigh sensitivity & stability.
    • Operates on disposable dry battery or on rechargeable battery
    • Built-in Battery charger
    • Indication: ON, Metal detected, battery Low
    • PVC moulded body, gives high strength & sturdiness & light in weight.
    • Continuous operation 80 hrs.
  • Door Frame Metal Detector

    • Keypad provided for all program settings.
    • Simple to operate
    • Single to Eighteen Zones detection
    • Door frame metal detector is microprocessor based & PC compatible
    • Independent sensitivity setting of each zone
    • AUTO Calibration
    • Usage of latest Continuous Wave Technology
    • Infra Red occupancy sensors for traffic counter
    • Detector is continuously active, no metal can be tossed without being detected
    • Digitally controlled sensitivity, threshold, & volume
    • Self Test program, system FAULT indicator provided
    • Display of time, counter, program setting, sensitivity during setting
    • Multi mode counter i.e. IN,OUT, total IN & OUT
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