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ERP for education Industry

When it comes to educational institutions, we are dealing with an entirely different crowd compared to manufacturing, production or services industry. Every educational institution consists of students, faculty and administrative staff. In addition to this core set of people, the institutions also deal with parents, alumni and suppliers for various requirements.
Data can be categorized in different ways – student data, faculty data, departmental data etc. These different categories of data are interlinked. In order to ensure efficiency in these processes and to reduce errors due to manual intervention, educational institutions can opt for ERP solutions. In addition, ERP implementation will also provide the management with a consolidated view not only about students but also about the faculty, the overall performance of a class in every subject, financial affairs of the institution and a lot more to aid in effective decision-making.

1. Students
2. Staff
3. Parents
4. Alumni

The ERP solution provides a streamlined flow of information to and fro between each of the stakeholders mentioned above. In addition, this ERP offers you benefits such as increased transparency of the institutions’ policies , flexibility & student mobility, one time investment leading to significant reduction of future costs/expenses, streamlined processes across various departments and group of institutes, reduced paper work, secure organized storage of data, real time and uniform access of information to every stakeholder, minimal scope of redundancy and discarding the possibility of manual/human errors, easy installation and the provision of an independent and integrated infrastructure.

The first level of interaction is through:


The first level of interaction is through portals. These provide stakeholder interface to relevant modules, enables rapid access and sharing of information between students, faculty, parents and the alumni. The application provides the facility of creating a new portal on demand.

1. General Portal:
This portal will act as the full fledged corporate website of Institute(s) / University and will provide all the information regarding the institute such as news, events, general notice, student comments, staff comments, and login mechanism.

2. Student Portal:
This portal will provide the information to the students such as examinations, class schedule, seminars, workshops, notice and login mechanism through which student will enter in the their own personal portal.

3. Faculty Portal:
This portal will provide the information to the faculty such as faculty development plans, staff meeting schedules, examinations schedule, class schedule, seminars, workshops, notice and login mechanism.

4. Staff Portal:
This portal will provide the information to the staff about staff meetings, examination schedules , class schedules, seminars and workshops.

5. Top Management Portal / Dashboards:
This portal would provide information about the Key Performance Indicators of the Institutes from management perspective. All dashboards reports from all the modules will be deployed on this portal.

6. Alumni Meet:
This portal will provide the information for the Alumni such as Alumni Meet, alumni in News, alumni contacts etc. Alumni can register themselves for further communication & general newsletters.

7. Parent Portal:
This portal will display information to parents such as parent meet, examination schedule and information on other activities. Parents can keep a track on their child’s performance and other information.

8. Recruiters Portal:
Organizations can have their own web space where they can see the performance of the students in whom they are interested in and they can track a whole lot of information about the institution. They can also post their upcoming openings/ test schedules etc.


Interactive LMS
The interactive Learning Management System provides cross browser facility as well as a cross platform support. It provides a 24/7 round the clock access to course materials. It encourages interactive real time class discussions, and provides organized and structured assignments. It helps in identification of different users and roles, and also enables tracking of the time spent by students on each course.

Timetable Management
The time table management module enables creating of both automatic and manual time tables. It provides instant updates on faculty substitution, and helps in better management of rooms, faculty and resources.

The recruitment module helps in students view and avail pre-placement opportunities. It helps showcase employer’s job openings. It provides for a comprehensive resume search, and also allows the students to send/receive interview letters/mails/SMS alerts in a seamless way.

Financial Accounting
The module takes care of accounts payable and receivables, taxation, general ledger, reconciliation statements, income/expense statements as well as other documents required for accounting purposes. It also offers a strong and diversified portfolio of reports.

Library Management
The module provides Barcode based automated system, material cataloging, online circulation of materials, multimedia management, OPAC and late fee and fine calculation.

Admission Management
The module helps in pre-admission selection/screening of students, online registration, short listing of applications, allotment of roll numbers, and issuance of identification cards and sending/receiving electronic alerts.

Grades and Exam Management
The module gives the provision of conducting online and offline examinations, analyze student performance and enable grading, generate report cards, grade book management, conduct mass entrance/competitive exams as well as provide the results.

Fees Management
The module helps create a flexible fee structure, wherein fees may be payable on an annual/monthly/quarterly/weekly or a fortnightly basis. It creates a fee receipt register, automatically generates a list of defaulters, and configures structure for fines, scholarship rewards and fee waivers.

Biometrics Payroll Management
Payroll management provides a user defined classification for comprehensive reporting, user defined recording of earnings and deductions. It creates a flexible payroll processing period. It creates comprehensive cost centers and provides a biometric system support as well.

Hostel Management
The module facilitates allocation and reservation of rooms in student hostels and teacher accommodations. It helps track visitor records, student outings, thereby ensuring discipline. It helps manage room facilities, interchanging and shifting of rooms, and provides other vital logistic support.

Budget and Cost Management
The module helps in quick and accurate budgeting. It provides for multi-year capabilities. It provides performance evaluation, provides effective costing, and helps distinguish between controllable and unavoidable costs.

Asset and Inventory Management
The module provides real time inventory control. It provides for multiple location inventory and stock management. It helps to significantly increase operational efficiencies. It provides barcodes and serial numbers for every asset. It helps categorize and group assets. It helps in location wise search of assets. Moreover, the application provides the facility of depreciation projection planning.

Transport and Fleet Management
The module helps map vehicle routes, record vehicle passenger details, maintain vehicle log book manage vehicle tax and insurance, as well as prepares and maintains a vehicle maintenance schedule.

Notice/ News Bulletin
The module allows the institutes post their news, messages and announcements. It helps create, manage notifications. It sends out notice/delivery messages as per defined parameters/roles, handles them according to the severity of the notice and expires the same according to pre-set parameters.

SMS alert and emails
The module enables transmission of alerts/emails for updates regarding new universities/courses, due and delinquent fees alerts, transport breakdown, time changes, upcoming events etc. It thereby enables instantaneous student progress assessment, time table alerts, special class alerts and job updates.

Discussion Forums
The module provides a platform for knowledge sharing, thread posting, maintenance of membership records, group discussions etc. It also provides for interaction between students as well as between students and teachers.

The module provides facilities for instant messaging; helps create virtual groups online and organize conferencing, thereby enabling better interaction.

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